Sartoria Dalcuore – Suits (Naples, Italy)

Luigi Dalcuore became an apprentice tailor and went on to establish his tailoring house in 1965. He developed his own distinct style of Neapolitan tailoring such as a long front dart for a fuller chest and a con rollino or pagoda shoulder.

Each Dalcuore garment is notable for their softness of construction, comfort, effortless fit and is fully handmade. They feature hand sewn buttons, hand stitched buttonholes, high armholes and full canvassing.

Made-to-measure –

We currently offer Sartoria Dalcuore made-to-measure trousers all year round. MTM makes use of existing patterns which are altered to fit the wearer better. Clients have the option to choose from a selection fabrics fit for varying settings. It's in these details that make each piece even more one-of-a-kind.

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Upcoming Trunk Shows –

Trunk shows allow clients to meet the individuals behind the garments. It's during these events that clients can avail of bespoke offerings that require the artisans to do the fittings themselves. View this section to find out when this artisan is visiting next.